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Accelerated competition of qualified employees presumes companies to make constantly better personnel selections. At the same time it is more and more difficult to find the most competent persons for the most demanding positions when using traditional recruitment methods. Consequently there is growing need for executive search services, and at the same time the requirements for executive search services are increasing. 

KeySelection carries out individual and cutting edge executive search services. Our core values are reliability, speed, flexibility and absolute commitment to client satisfaction and successful completion of each recruitment assignment.

Our special focus and competency is in sales, finance and it-functions.  We are also familiar with personnel challenges in software project implementations, delivery and consultancy. We know what is required today for a good account manager, CFO,controller and project manager. We own exhaustive and up-to-date network of candidates, and by using the latest executive search methods we reach and identify most suitable persons for a position.

We live for successful recruitments.

Executive Search

Executive Search is key competence of KeySelection. We are able to deliver best possible outcome  ? succesfull recruitment and win-win situation for both the client and for the new employee. Our Executive Search core values are invidual consideration of each candidate and profound approach to each assignment. Executive Search is best way to find and recruit key personnel to organisation. Traditional ways of recruiting, eg. public/media search, will usually not accomplish desired outcome in desired time. It is advisable to use Executive Search when recruiting management and superior level employees, specialists and other key personnel of organisation, eg. for demanding sales and marketing positions.

Benefits of Executive Search

  • Accuracy and quality compared to public search: we search only persons that meet task and candidate criteria
  • Extensive reach of candidates: we reach also those persons, that are not actively looking for new job
  • It is possible to execute search process fast and very efficiently
  • Turn-key service: client meets only best candidates
  • Personal contacting, essential part of Executive Search, allows client company and task to be presented so that best candidates are able to see task as a interesting possibility.
  • If necessary, Executive Search may be accomplished so that competitors or own organisation is not aware of the search.
  • Full guarantee for succesfull recruitment

European wide reach of candidates

KeySelection is founding partner in international recruiting organization covering now seven countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

The organization, Continental Search Alliance, is owner driven, agile and highly committed recruiting partner that offers their clients red-hot information from local and international recruiting markets, and extensive reach of most qualified candidates across Europe.

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